At the NADCO conference in Phoenix we introduced the idea of an SBA Advisory Board we are forming.  Our purpose for this Board is to do the following:

  1. Share with members what BMI is currently doing with different CDCs and introduce products that have been created recently.
  2. Share with members BMI’s direction of the development that is being planned and worked on for the near future.
  3. Ask for direction from members of the board, as to what areas they would like to see BMI help with.

BMI wants to continue to help NADCO members improve how they are Closing and Servicing loans.  To do this BMI needs your help. how to recover permanently deleted onedrive files

We would like to invite you to be a member of the Advisory Board and schedule a time for you to participate in our:

“SBA Loan Advisory Webinar”

The meeting is done over the web and will last about one hour, followed by questions and answers.

The meeting is divided into 2 segments one for LMS users and one for CDC Ventures users.

Please select one of the options below to register.

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All participants will be entered to win a Fujitsu Scanner.