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Products & Services

Improve the way you do business, and the value you provide.

Productivity Enhancement

Since 1992, BMI has helped organizations improve the value they provide. We do this by reducing redundant tasks, increasing visibility, speeding up processes, and ensuring compliance. 

Document Management

Our flagship product is the BMI Document Management Software. Your information is organized simply.

1. Getting documents in

Paper or digital, save the documents into BMI with a number of tools for different scenarios.

2. Look up documents quickly

Our web interface allows you to easily retrieve the documents you need and provide access to those you want to share with. 

3. Share with others

Whether you need to share one document, or maybe you need to share a collection for an audit, you can do so easily and quickly. Lock down access to exactly who you need to give access to.

4. On-premise or Cloud-hosted options

Do you want to host the data on your own servers, or on our Microsoft Azure cloud-hosted services? We are happy to offer both. Our cloud solution is covered by an annual SOC 2 TYPE II report.

Sapphire Forms & Workflows

Collecting data and documents doesn’t have to be difficult. Easily gather the information you need and move it through your business processes and into your systems.

1. SecureUpload

Securely accept files from third-parties without requiring them to create a login. You can also use this to send documents out to others.

2. Custom Applications

We have several out-of-the-box implementations of our online forms and workflows. Some examples include loan applications, underwriting, document generation. We can also take your existing forms and convert them into an easy-to-use wizard walking your customers through each step.

Portfol Loan Management Software

Portfol is a fully-integrated, multi-user portfolio management software to manage economic development transactions throughout the entire project.  Portfol includes loan servicing, demographics, T/A monitoring, project information such as job tracking, financial statement or insurance monitoring, contact management, CIIS, SBA, and EDA reporting and much more! All in one comprehensive system. 

1. Portfol Cloud

The core loan servicing software. Log payments, draws, disbursements. Send invoices, letters, follow-ups. Track interactions from first contact to the payoff letter. Reporting for all of your needs.

2. Borrower Portal

A secure, branded website that allows your borrowers to login and check loan balances, view transactions, make payments, and access documents. 

3. Loan App, Underwriting, Document Prep

Using our online forms to walk the borrower and your staff from the initial prequal on through underwriting and generating your credit memo. Serious reductions in duplicate data entry here.

Google Workspace and Microsoft Office

Email, docs, sheets, and basic office productivity. We are happy to help your office implement these tools and improve how they are being used. We resell both offerings. 

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